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You don’t have to worry about these two girls. While they are billed as Athena Summers and Blair Summers on FTV Girls, they are actually not sisters at all. The one with the cucumber up her snatch is Mindy Meyers, and those aren’t even their real names either.

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The Milton Twins Porn Casting Movie

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Most people don’t know it, but the Milton Twins were not born blonde. Since they shave their pussies bare it is hard to tell what color their hair originally was. On this free tube of teen casting porn movies you can see the original color of their hair and see their interviews.

During those interviews some bombshells were dropped. Like the fact that the girls aren’t actually twins. They are just two girls who look remarkably alike. The strange thing is that they grew up together in the same town. It kind of makes you wonder if one of them had a dad that cheated on with the other’s mom because these two really do look like twins.

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Hey, Boys, thanks for stopping by!

We are the Milton Twins. I am Marissa and my sister’s name is Melissa. People think we are a lot a like since we are twins but, if you get to know us better you will be able to tell us apart. Even though we are different in many ways, we have identical tastes when it comes to having sex with guys and having sex with girls. It is funny because one of us can start telling about a fantasy and the other can finish it and we both agree it is exactly what we would do.

This started back when we were young and we would have friends spend the night. Both of us would agree that a certain girl was hot and be surprised that we both wanted to do her. After several nights of this we eventually picked Sarah and invited her over. When she first arrived at our house she could tell something was up because we were all smiles. She kept asking us what was up and we just came right out and said it (at the same time), "We both want to kiss you!" Lucky for us she wasn’t grossed out and later told us about how she longed to us too. Hey, you would be surprised at how many girls fantasize about being with twin girls!


Well, since there are two of us, we have twice the appetite for sex. The two of us are so used to having sex in front of each other that we decided to let you in on it too! We opened to document our sexual escapades. We get lots of adoring fan mail from both guys and girls. Melissa always takes the laptop into the bathroom when she reads it… I wonder why?!?!

We put new videos and pictures up on our site weekly. Sometimes we tackle two blonde friends Ashley and Kimmie for a foursome. I prefer redheads like Jill and her sister Michelle. And other times we both want some fun with the boys like Alex. There is nothing like having a guy lick your pussy while he is fucking your sister!

We hope to see you inside!

-xxoo- The Milton Twins